Grav Labs 7" Upright Bubbler Bong

  • $84.99

Height: 7 inches

Is it just us or has the future of smoking finally arrived? Crafted with the scientific precision Grav Labs has become well-known for, this incredible piece of glass isn’t messing around. It’s got a professional aesthetic that doesn’t flop in function: this borosilicate water pipe will take you to heavenly levels. Your favorite legal herbs will flourish in the efficiency of this design. Starting at the finished 14mm joint, smoke descends through the three-hole tungstened downstem for natural water filtration as it transforms into seriously smooth inhales through the 45° mouthpiece. You won’t find yourself straining thanks to the ergonomic silhouette and hefty in-hand feel, so you can fully focus on the massive clouds you’re making. The pipe comes fitted with a glass one-hitter and stacks up to a full 7 inches total. It’s the perfect size for passing to friends as well as personal pleasure. The stable flared base will make sure it doesn’t get knocked around either way!
Please Note:Grav Decal colors are picked at random - the color selection refers to the base and lip of the piece.