7" Stax Coil Perc Filter - Clear

Grav Labs 7" Stax Coil Perc Bong Filter

  • $119.99

Height: 7 inches

Yes: this coil perc’s smoke delivery is as badass as it looks. Just pop it on your favorite STAX base/mouthpiece to discover the latest of Grav Labs’ impressive innovations. Now widened for additional water filtration, your smoke will be softened through seven inches of coil before transforming into shockingly smooth yet powerful puffs. These Austin-based engineers have designed this particular coil insert with an intentionally slower draw for just that reason. The entire piece is crafted in thick, borosilicate glass that stands strong against breakage and stable when stacked. And the part true enthusiasts will adore--it’s MUCH easier to keep clean for crisp, fresh inhales again and again! Instead of trying to juggle oversized perc pipes in the sink, this seven-inch silhouette fits into the palm of your hand for truly thorough cleanings. This is the kind of glass you cherish for years to come. Now, to share with your friends or keep it for yourself?