5.5" Standard Ash Catcher - 90 degree angle | 19mm joint - Clear

Grav 5.5" Standard Bong Ash Catcher - 90 Degree - 19mm Joint

  • $59.99

Height: 5.5 inches

Enhance and extend the lifespan of your favorite 90°/19mm piece of glass with Grav Labs’ essential ash catcher. Once you’ve experienced the much-easier maintenance and additional smoke-soothing station of this borosilicate glass attachment, you’ll never look back. Crafted in Grav Labs’ signature top-notch quality, this piece will elevate your water pipe by sending smoke through a diffused Swiss downstem to soften your inhales while simultaneously trapping any excess ash that would otherwise end up getting caught in your pipe’s percs. You’ll instantly appreciate how much more manageable cleaning this 5.5-inch piece is than trying to maneuver complicated or oversized water pipes for a rinse in the sink. With the Standard Ash Catcher, your pipes will need to be cleaned less often and will last longer! The downstem is also removable for simple yet thorough cleanings that will have you puffing fresh, smooth inhales again and again. The ash catcher also comes in a variety of 45° and 14mm options.