5.5" Standard Ash Catcher - 45 degree angle | 14mm joint - Clear

Grav 5.5" Standard Bong Ash Catcher - 45 Degree - 14mm Joint

  • $59.99

Height: 5.5 inches

The glassmasters at Grav Labs present the perfect water pipe enhancer. Protect your favorite glass pieces with this first-stop station designed to trap any excess ash that may otherwise find itself trapped in the percs of your precious water pipes. Not only does it extend the lifespan of your pipe, it adds another round of smoke-softening through an incredible Swiss diffused downstem. This thick, borosilicate glass attachment is easily transferred between 45°/14mm joint pipes which also makes it much easier to handle and maintain than digging out the ash from--say--an inline base (R.I.P. all the beloved pieces put out of commission for lack of an ashcatcher!). Even the downstem is removable for easy maintenance. The Grav Labs Standard Ash Catchers are also available in 90° and 19mm options for a little extra pleasure in every size and style. It’s a quick way to make your pipe look and function like a professional.