Grav Labs 16" Flare Bong

  • $139.99

Height: 16 inches

A covetable classic. This is the kind of reliable water pipe enthusiasts turn to when they tire of passing trends. Why? Because it ALWAYS delivers. Crafted with the world-renowned quality of Austin’s Grav Labs, this sixteen-inch silhouette is stabilized by a thick flare foot base. The piece includes a premium showerhead downstem that can be removed for long-term maintenance! It also comes with a generously-portioned funnel bowl for your favorite ground material. This makes for the perfect pipe to pass around on movie night or before setting out on a grand adventure. You’ll find yourself snubbing fads as this piece undeniably delivers. Each and every time. Even though it’s consistently reliable in function, the highly scientific silhouette makes a polished, modern impression while bringing the best out of your dry herb. This piece also pairs flawlessly with Grav Labs’ “Chiller” glycerin bong adapter for an extra-exhilarating effect. Please Note: decal colors selected at random.