13" Grav Labs Dual Action Inline Water Pipe - Clear

Grav Labs 13" Dual Action Inline Water Pipe Bong

  • $244.99

Height: 13 inches

Are you prepared for the power of a dual power pipe? This unstoppable water pipe is designed for dry herbs and concentrates in either separate or simultaneous use. The incredible dual-action inline is ready to take you to the next level with scientific precision in a powerful yet manageable 13-inch silhouette. Those of us who spend too much time getting hypnotized by the flow of percs on YouTube will appreciate this particularly impeccable pair. After descending through the straight joint, your smoke is cleansed across of bed water as it bubbles through the popular 8-cut inline diffuser and up through a thorough showerhead perc. It’s shockingly smooth for the exhilarating dual-action ability. As always, the Austin-based Grav Labs uses only top-notch quality, borosilicate glass for a sturdy piece that will last you years to come. Concentrate enthusiasts will also appreciate the clean, fresh-flavor delivery of a domeless quartz nail. The only question left: are you ready for dual-power pleasure? Please Note: decal colors selected at random.