Grav Labs 12" Flare Water Pipe Bong w/Fixed Downstem - Circular Ice Catcher

  • $119.99

Height: 12 inches

These Austin-based engineers continue to deliver! Crafted from solid borosilicate glass, this powerhouse piece exhilarates with the refreshing effect of a circular ice catcher. An ideal 12-inch height makes this particular pipe perfect for group and solo use, while the two-pronged Dewar’s joint amps up the durability--should you decide to pass it around. The ice acts as a second round of smoke-softening, as unwanted toxins are kept at bay with the natural cleansing power of water. For a final touch of luxury, Grav Labs’ engineers have included a flared mouthpiece and deep-set glass bowl that slides seamlessly into the fixed downstem. An effectively wide, flat base adds to the pipe’s stability for a remarkably sturdy straight tube silhouette. The only question left is whether you want to show it off to your friends or you feel like flying solo! Just make sure our invite doesn’t get lost in the mail. Please Note: decal colors selected at random.