11" Stax Helix Mouthpiece - Clear

Grav Labs 11" Stax Helix Bong Mouthpiece

  • $109.99

Height: 11 inches

BYO-Base for the best atty in the business. The Helix STAX is the place to both start and end when it comes to adding on smoke filtration. Grav Labs’ signature Helix design will send your smoke swirling through an initial smoothing station before griming up your percs. It works with an array of tungstened micro-holes that cool the smoke with outside air. Just attach it to the beaker or percolator base you enjoy most for a perfectly personalized experience. What started as a simple addition will transform your legal herbs into a premium level of elevation through the Venturi silhouette. You’ll instantly discover why Grav Labs has earned a worldwide reputation for top-notch glassmaking from its Austin, Texas beginnings. It’s easy to keep delivering at fresh as new quality with a simple soak, unlike more complicated attachments. Don’t be surprised when your friends start showing up with their own Helix STAX! Please Note: decal colors may vary.