G Pen microG Original Vaporizer (Dual Set)

G Pen microG Original Vaporizer (Dual Set)

  • $69.99

This incomparable mini vape kit is one in a million! The Original MicroG Vape will have you set to experience your waxy concentrates at peak performance. With not one, but TWO microG vaporizers you’re free to explore the world--or at least to keep a vape in every important spot for hassle-free one button activation. Stick one in your bag and one by the couch so you’re ready at home and on the go! This incredible concentrate design will help you lift off with fresh, clean vapor--purer than any traditional smoking method. Besides an entire second device, this wallet-friendly kit also includes a keychain loading tool, two sturdy and sleek glass containers, five mouthpiece sleeves (hallelujah!), and three professional cleaning tips. Easily recharge while you’re out and about with the convenient USB charger or use the wall adapter for a rapid boost. It’s even guaranteed with a free one-year electronics warranty. So the only question left is--where will you stash yours?

2 x Batteries 2 x Atomizers 2 x Mouthpieces 1 x Key Chain 1 x Loading Tool 5 x Mouthpiece Sleeves 1 x Wall Adapter 1 x USB Charger 2 x Glass Containers 3 x Cleaning Tips

Warranty: 1 Year - Electronics

Dimensions: 5.25" Height

Weight: 0.625 lbs