Four Piece Herb Grinder

  • $19.99

It’s no secret: an herb grinder can change your life. Every pro knows once you experience the smooth even draw of clean cut herbs there’s just no turning back! This DankStop essential will bring the best out of every pipe, bong, and vape for years to come with its durable aluminum construction. The second chamber’s mesh screen conserves finer material that often goes to waste in the pollen catcher below. Sprinkle your reserves right on top of a loaded bowl for an added kick; juice it for all it’s worth in a pipe of its own; or turn it into a concentrate or food product. Even without the perk of a pollen reservoir, grinding up legal herb and tobacco reduces the amount of flower wasted on sticky fingertips and makes your pipes last longer by drastically reducing the number of clogs -- especially for those working with fresh, high quality material! Personalize your new fave accessory with a choice between five lustrous shades of black, chrome, green, red, or blue.

• DankStop Grinder
• 2" Diameter
• Four Piece Herb Grinder
• Grooves On Top And Pollen Catcher For Easy Grip
• High Quality Aluminum