Flowermate Grinder


  • $19.99

The Flowermate Grinder and Loader makes for a flawless vaping experience. Just as the name suggest, this unique LoadX device assists you in breaking up your favorite dry material as well as transferring it into your Flowermate vaporizer. Because Flowermate’s reputation for top-notch deliver is derived from the use of the brand’s own signature stainless steel pods that make for consistently perfect puffs, they’ve also developed this accessory customized to enhance the process as compared to an average old grinder you might be using. In fact, this next-level grinder will preload up to two pods for you! Here’s how it works: Treat the top portion (which easily lifts out from the rest) like a grinder. The top portions--the fun part!--is where you place up to two Flowermate pods for loading. If you’re only interested in loading one pod at a time, you can simply block off the second station with the silicone plug provided. You can now reattach the grinding and loading stations so your fresh cut herbs drop into the pods and center chamber. Use the packing tool to push any stragglers into the pods. And that’s it! Just screw the lid back on your pods to save one for later or insert directly into your vaporizer, just beneath the mouthpiece!