Firefly Firefly 2 Vaporizer

  • $329.99

The Firefly 2 has been hitting headlines as the new luxury standard as the “iPhone of Vaporizers.” This extraordinary device will transform your favorite dry herb and concentrate into premium quality vapor. The filtered mouthpiece extends through a superior borosilicate glass pathway that makes for straightforward maintenance. Reach 400°F in an impressive 3 seconds or less by placing your fingers on the innovative touch sensors. Choose your temperature and touch sensor preferences via smartphone app, while your favorite material remains untouched until your breathe draws even warmth across it with convection heat on inhale. The experience is one of a smooth, mellow draw fresh with all the activated ingredients you’re looking for, without any unwanted byproducts tagging along. For a final user-friendly touch, the Firefly 2 includes a cradled USB 3.0 charger with an incredibly quick 45 minute re-up time. This next-level vaporizer is also guaranteed with a limited two-year warranty for no risk, all fun (legal) herbal pleasure.