Famous Brandz Trailer Park Boys Kitty Love Water Pipe

Trailer Park Boys Kitty Love Water Pipe

  • $187.49


• Borosilicate Glass
• Custom Trailer Park Boys Design
• Ground Glass Connections
• Black Accents
• Designed for Flower Use


• Trailer Park Boys "Kitty Love" Water Pipe
• 18mm Ground Glass Female Slide
• 14mm Ground Glass Bowl

There’s no doubt about it: Bubbles brings the best out of water pipe design! This one of a kind “Kitty Love” beaker bong flaunts an array of kitties bouncing around Bubbles’ ever-charming face like they do in his kitty-lovin’ dreams. Far from trailer park quality, this piece is crafted from durable high quality borosilicate glass in a sturdy beaker silhouette. Your favorite ground material is transformed as it descends from the 14mm ground glass bowl, through the 18mm ground glass female slide connection, appropriately bubbling through a bed of water, up through an aah-worthy ice catcher, for an epic inhale through the comfortable flared mouthpiece. The pipe is even finished with eye-catching borosilicate glass bubbles at the top of the neck for an extraordinary overall aesthetic. This is the kind of pipe you never let go. So go ahead, give ‘er a rip every time Bubbles brings up one of his furry friends, steals a cart, or tells Randy and Lahey to frigg-off!