Famous Brandz Trailer Park Boys Julian Waterpipe

Trailer Park Boys Julian Water Pipe

  • $139.99


• Borosilicate Glass
• Custom Trailer Park Boys Design
• Ground Glass Connections
• White Accents
• Designed for Flower Use


• Trailer Park Boys "Julian" Water Pipe
• 18mm Ground Glass Female Slide
• 14mm Ground Glass

Are you a leader among your friends—the level head with the foolproof plan? Does your drink never seem to spill, even when you stumble? You’re so Julian. This epic straight tube bong boasts superior borosilicate glass construction, luxurious white and ground glass accents, a smoke-soothing ice catcher, and a flawless 14mm-18mm connection. This is the kind of pipe Julian dreams of buying when one of his master schemes finally hits it big! So call up “the boys” to give it a rip every time Ricky pronounces a word wrong, Lahey takes a fall, and Randy eats yet another cheeseburger. Or savor some solo pleasure and take a break from figuring it all out for your friends in Sunnyvale— you’ve earned it. Don’t worry if the drunken trailer park supervisor stops by, this sturdy glass piece can stand to take a tumble! Now, what grand adventure will these premium inhales inspire next?