Famous Brandz Trailer Park Boys Authentic Group Water pipe

Trailer Park Boys Authentic Group Water pipe

  • $139.99


• Borosilicate Glass
• Custom Trailer Park Boys Design
• Ground Glass Connections
• White Accents
• Designed for Flower Use


• Trailer Park Boys "Authentic Group" Water Pipe
• 18mm Ground Glass Female Slide
• 14mm Ground Glass Bowl

Innovative engineering meets Sunnyvale Trailer Park. Stamped with an “authentic glass” emblem marked for quality with the trustworthy faces of Ricky, Bubbles, and Julianne—the boys are prepared to stand behind the quality of this top-notch borosilicate piece. The simple yet eye-catching silhouette sits comfortably in-hand with ergonomic curves and a conveniently arched neck. As you inhale through the flared mouthpiece, your favorite ground material reaches peak performance as it descends through the 14mm ground glass bowl (with a useful pinch handle for clearing), 18mm ground glass female slide, and bubbling across a cleansing bed of water. This pipe is perfectly sized for personal use or passing to friends – try giving it a rip every time Lahey takes an epic tumble! Sharp black, white, and ground glass accents give this pieces a luxurious feel far from trailer park quality – the boys would break the law to get a pipe so good!