Famous Brandz Snoop Mothership Water Pipe

Snoop Dogg Mothership Water Pipe

  • $259.99

Dimensions: 30 x 24 x 30 inches

• High-quality 5mm thick borosilicate glass
• Designed for use with dry herbs
• Straight tube design
• Rimmed mouthpiece
• Slitted UFO percolator
• Perforated inline percolator
• Fixed reinforced downstem with 14.5mm female joint
• Removable 14.5mm male herb bowl with roll stopper handle
• Thick circular foot
• Blue glass accents throughout
• Blue glass marble on body
• Blue decal on body
• Comes in a decorative box

Snoop Dogg’s latest POUNDS collab with Famous Brandz isn’t holding back! Take off on “The Mothership” -- crafted from only top-notch materials, with no cut corners -- it’s the right way to get lifted. Luxurious 5mm thick borosilicate glass gives you the heft that only comes with premium quality in-hand, and is certain to hold its own against breakage. You favorite dry herbs will flourish as they’re transformed through the 14.5mm female joint, cleansed and cooled through dual dome and barrel percs before reaching your lips for some massive cloudmaking. At 13.4” tall, “The Mothership” is perfectly sized for both personal use and passing to friends -- the solid glass constructions and reinforced joint means you won’t have to worry when sharing. Just be sure your pals bring their own dry herb! The pipe’s exterior is accented by the signature POUND line logo for authenticity, a blue glass marble, and an extra-thick base. PLEASE NOTE: Decal colors are chosen at random. PLEASE NOTE: Decal colors are chosen at random.