Piranha Plant Slide - 14mm

Empire Glassworks Piranha Plant Slide

  • $56.24

Don’t worry, this Piranha Plant slide won’t send you back down a level. It’s perfect for re-upping your old go-to water pipe or pairing with a Mushroom Kingdom bong from the same Mario-inspired family. This gamer-lovin’ slide (also available as a concentrate dome) measures 14 millimeters at the male joint. After forty years of glass making, Empire Glassworks brought their talent to smoke and vape accessories – and we couldn’t be more excited! You can instantly appreciate the meticulous craftsmanship from the texture in each leaf to the piranha plant’s ferocious teeth! Each piece is made in California from sturdy borosilicate glass with hand-worked colors. Use the convenient contoured pinch handle to easily clear your bong’s chamber without putting your fingers to the heat. Super Mario would be super impressed by the attention to detail in bringing you powerful puff after powerful puff. The thick glass is accented by a frosted finish at the male joint for a seamless slide into any 14mm water pipe.