Double-Stacked Showerhead Straight Tube Bong

  • $139.99

Straight-stemmed and straight up unstoppable. These California-based glass masters are dedicated to top-notch smoke delivery on simple silhouettes. While the shape of this double-stacked water pipe may be relatively basic with a straight neck and 10.5-inch height, it’s dual showerhead percs will have you instantly soaring on the next level. The soothing sounds of percolation and fresh clean flavor of water filtration tell the brain to prepare itself for pleasure as you lift off. This is the kind of glass pipe that will have the whole crew excited to stop by and give it a go! The piece features UPC’s signature platinum barcode decal, superior glass-on-glass slide seal, a diffused downstem, and incomparable handcrafted quality from the center of L.A.’s world-renowned smoke scene. Make it your own with a choice between dark blue, green, and ghost white! This hard-hitter packs a punch with a cool, smooth draw -- are you ready for it??

Made in USA Two domed showerhead percs 3-pinch ice catcher 14.5mm female joint Removable downstem Herb bowl Straight neck

Height: 10.5"