Boo Glass Showerhead to Honeycomb Perc Faberge Egg

  • $144.99

Warning: this rig launches concentrates to peak performance! Crafted with thick scientific glass, this 9-incher is designed to deliver. Each inhale is cleansed of harshness in a luxurious combination of percolation. After descending the 14mm male joint, vapor bubbles through a showerhead circ and an always-welcome honeycomb perc in an incredible Faberge egg silhouette that keeps it classy. This distinct shape doubles as a holder for your loading tool with convenient holes to rest it right in the main chamber. For added quality, the joint is reinforced with a second prong for Dewar-style durability. You’ll instantly appreciate the casual puffs that come from a sleek arched neck complemented by a comfortably flared mouthpiece. The advanced engineer of this epic rig will have you reaching for it again and again! When it’s not boosting your mood with legal concentrate vapor, it’s lustrous glass shines from the bookshelf or windowsill – flaunting subtle black accents at the 2.75 inch base and mouthpiece. Easily swap the dome and nail for your favorite dry herb bowl to mix it up in the 45-degree joint.