Boo Glass Showerhead Circ Perc Faberge Egg

  • $159.99

This eye-catching water pipe can really rip! Thick, scientific glass makes for optimal strength and durability from the wide flared base to the contoured mouthpiece. Though the silhouette is fierce, this pleasant pipe makes for comfy casual puffs courtesy of arched neck and seriously scientific diffusion. Inhales journey through a 90-degree, 14mm female joint (reinforced Dewar-style) to bubble away harshness in the sharp Faberge egg fitted with an impressive showerhead circ perc. The always-welcome showerhead is complemented by the swiss-style diffusion of the fab egg’s hydrodynamics. You’ll be proud to pass this pipe around with the crew, cause its conversation-starting style is backed by the instant satisfaction of effective inhales. Concentrate enthusiasts can easily swap the flawless funnel slide for your favorite 14mm nail or banger. The pipe is available in four cool colors: a rich honey-like amber, crystal clear, charming green, or dynamic blue accented in the mouthpiece, egg, and layered base.