Boo Glass Mini Swiss Perc Recycler

  • $109.99

Looking for a badass new addition to your pipe collection? Look no further -- this dynamic design is set to impress. The scientific glass pipe stacks up to 7.5 inches. It’s fitted with the awesome cleansing combo of a thorough swiss perc and recycler silhouette. This perfect pair makes for smooth, mellow inhales again and again. Unlike the narrow airways of a honeycomb perc, your favorite waxy extracts won’t clog this pipe anytime soon. The mini rig features a flawless 14mm female joint reinforced with a second prong in Dewar-style for added stability. The aah-worthy inhales this pipe delivers are portable enough to carry everywhere -- from the coffee table to the backyard barbeque! The Mini Swiss Recycler includes a glass dome and nail, which can be easily swapped with your favorite male bowl for dual use versatility. Such thick glass with such cutting edge engineering is a rare find. Grab yours while we’ve got ‘em!