Boo Glass Mini "Dabuccino" Concentrate Rig

  • $109.99

I think we can all appreciate the coffee-herb combo. Whether you’re all about the Mochaccino, Frappuccino, or a half-wax shatter crumble--there’s nothing quite so satisfying as this mini “Dabuccino” rig! This inspired-by Starbucks dab rig will have you sippin’ on some oh-so delicious concentrate vapor. The petite size makes it perfect for solo concentrate pleasure. Simply load your favorite wax extracts onto the heated nail, slide the dome on top, and slurp through the straw like your Starbucks iced-drink instincts tell you to. Do you think these rig-designers sat down to their desk at 9 a.m. – capp in-hand – and thought: “what haven’t we done yet?... Coffee!” Whether or not that’s how it went down, we couldn’t be happier to have this mini-rig around. The strong glass piece is accented by a green-hued straw, frosted “lid,” and a flawless ground glass joint. Don’t forget to check your style on the side: shatter, wax, or crumble?