Boo Glass Matrix Perc Sidecar Water Pipe

  • $169.99

Hop on the sidecar and enjoy the ride! This perfectly-sized pipe is crafted from 5mm thick scientific glass. A concentrate essential, the 8.5 inch design marks an ideal balance between water filtration with the simplicity necessary to last a long time without wasting waxy extracts stuck to too many tiers of percolators. Your vapor pulls will come out crisp and clean like we legal wax enthusiasts love it! Vapor descends from the 18mm recessed female joint to travel through the fat can’s perc for sweet release in a comfortable sidecar neckline. The refreshingly streamlined design is maximized by the fan-favorite stereo matrix percolator for thorough diffusion. You’ll be bubblin’ away blues and rejoicing in successes in a palm-perfect size you can carry from bedroom to backyard. This DankStop device can also swap in an 18mm bowl slide if you’re looking to set your dry herbs to “flourish.” Prepare for aah-worthy.