Boo Glass Jellyfish Perc Bubbler

  • $64.99

You’re sure to make a few people jelly with this impressively percolated bubbler! Concentrates flourish in the dome and nail design, yet you can swap it out when you’re feeling the flower for your favorite female slide. Sturdy scientific glass enhances the portable design with added durability. As one of our best dab rigs, simply torch the nail till it glows red, dab on your favorite legal waxy extracts, and experience the epic transformation! Each inhale is cleansed through an impressive eleven arm jellyfish perc before its journey through the arched neck. The bent neck rig makes for a comfortable sesh you won’t have to strain over, as the ergonomic design is portably sized to fit the palm of your hand. This gem is perfectly sized to keep your ritual from taking over your whole living space. Carry it from bedroom to backyard barbeque! Don’t be surprised when your pals start showing up with their own wannabe jellyfish bubblers.