Boo Glass Inline Perc to Tree Perc Water Pipe

  • $149.99

Looking for that essential, soon to be old-faithful, awesome yet oh-so-reliable design? This here’s your new leading lady. From the 14mm female joint, your dry herbs will be transformed into smooth, satisfying inhales with killer cloud sizes. As you give it a rip through the comfortably flared mouthpiece, smoke journeys through the thorough diffusion of an always-welcome inline perc before reaching its final finish in an impressive 6-arm tree perc. No worries when it comes to protecting your taste buds – the top-tier splash guard has your back. Thick scientific glass gives this 12-incher long-lasting quality that’s balanced out by a sturdy pedestal base. It’s simple to swap out the funnel bowl to bring in the concentrates with your favorite banger or dome and nail. Dry herbs or concentrates, you may prefer to amp this pipe up with a Grav Labs ash catcher to preserve your percs, cause you’ll be reaching for this one again and again.