Boo Glass Double Stereo Perc Water Pipe

  • $189.99

Get extra loud with this Double Stereo Perc Water Pipe! This 13 inch DankStop bong is crafted from thick scientific glass for long-lasting quality. The pipe comes fitted with a durable 18mm funnel dry herb bowl, that can easily be swapped out for your favorite banger. Simply load your material in the 90-degree female joint that’s been reinforced with a second prong in Dewar style for stability. Expect epic bubble stacks through dual stereo matrix diffusion as you gear up for some massive cloudmaking! The 13-inch stature is stabilized by a thick circular base, anchoring it on coffee tables and nightstands from pets with powerful tails. The engineers behind this design masterfully incorporate a bent neck for ergonomic draws and protection from splashback. This pipe is perfect for passing at Netflix and chill seshes, amping up with pre-adventure puffs, and solo nighttime unwinds. Get ready to get dual-stereo loud!