Boo Glass Double Recycler Dab Rig w/Honeycomb Perc

  • $149.99

Did we say… double? That’s right, we’re doublin’ down with an epic dual recycler design! This pipe is ideal for transforming your favorite legal waxy extracts for oh-so-many reasons. To start, where dry herbalists have a tendency to go for percs-on-top-of-percs, us concentrate enthusiasts like a streamline design with just a hint of diffusion. The streamline design of a recycler allows harshness to get whirled away as your vapor cycles between the chambers, without getting stuck on too many tiers of percolation. Paired with just the right touch of diffusion through an always-loved honeycomb perc, this clean powerful pipe is likely to become your new go-to. (Is our glass envy showing? Sorry not sorry. This one’s a winner!) The 14mm female dome and nail sits seamlessly atop the 90-degree 14mm male joint that’s reinforced with a second prong in durable Dewar’s style. Finally, as if that’s not enough, a comfortably arched neck delivers powerful puffs from a casual angle you won’t need to contort yourself over to enjoy.