Boo Glass Dichro Alien Head Hand Pipe

  • $39.99

Let them know you come in peace! This super spacey hand pipe boasts a dynamic dichroic glass twist. This impressive dichro effect takes the portable pipe to an intergalactic level. The deep spoon doubles as an elongated alien head for large loads of your favorite ground material. While this piece is the perfect accessory for an alien movie marathon, its portable palm size is ready for any herbal adventure! The Dichro Alien Pipe features eye-catching pink and gold hues, and side carb construction for some fresh air as this pipe takes your dry herbs to the stratosphere. Thick, sturdy glass complements the travel-ready size with amped up resilience. It slips right into your pocket with unearthly ease and durability. Unlike inferior pipes, this alien head design doesn’t sacrifice spoon size for portability – this pipe packs a powerful amount of ground dry herb. Load ‘er up and prepare for lift off!