Boo Glass Bubble Beaker Removable Perc Water Pipe

  • $89.99

Inspired by an antique kerosene lamp of yesteryear, this beaker bong is nothing short of cutting edge engineering. At eleven inches tall, this sturdy water pipe is stabilized by an impressive 5-millimeter thick hexagon base. Tubing is crafted with thick 3-millimeter Simex Glass in Oregon. The American glass construction makes for powerful puffs that will last you a lifetime! Particularly when paired with the forward-thinking design of removable pieces. Where inferior water pipes inevitably clog in unreachable crevices, this pipe is designed to dismantle for thorough, hassle-free maintenance. The pinch-handle slide measuring 3.5 inches is reinforced by a resilient rubber grommet at the fixed downstem. Use the convenient funnel handle to clear the perc chamber as you inhale from the incredibly comfortable 7-millimeter thick flared lip mouthpiece. Such a maneuverable and low-maintenance design will make this bong your new go-to. The throwback aesthetic and high-sci inspiration will boost your mood even when it’s not in use!