Boo Glass 16" Tree Perc Straight Tube w/Green Accents

  • $184.99

Do it up right with this 16-inch essential. Crafted for durability and power, you’ll instantly appreciate the hefty scientific glass that will have you billowing clouds you could bounce around in. An impressive 8 arm tree perc bubbles away harshness for inhales you’ll amaze even yourself over! Though we totally understand if you’re looking to blow away the crew, too. Dry herbs are transformed from the male bowl, through a diffused female downstem, bubblin-stacks of hydrodynamic percolation, and polished off with a final round of cooling off in the ice catcher. (Or steamy-hot water come cold season.) The joint measures 14 millimeters and sits at a 45-degree angle; it can be easily upgraded with one of our Grav Labs ash catchers to keep stray material from clogging up your precious percolators. The downstem is also completely removeable to make way for thorough cleanings if that’s your deal. We find this pipe’s a hit for passing around bonfires, leaning back for a movie marathon, and rewarding yourself with an aah-worthy inhale after a long work week.