DaVinci IQ Vaporizer

  • $274.99

Hands down, the best dry herb device in the game today! This highly intelligent vaporizer is receiving rave reviews for having mastered the nuances dry herb requires, putting it a giant step ahead of the rest. The easy-inhale airway gives little resistance for full-sized pulls as clean, pure vapor travels through the 100% ceramic zirconia pathway for rich, robust flavor. A minimalist LED light display communicates the temperature, were can be bumped up to Boost Mode or put on Standby with the awesome smartphone Android/OS app. Four optimized presets can be adjusted on the vape itself, one lit square meaning “Low” and up to four squares for “High.” Another favorite feature of users is the easy-load dry herb chamber (and a least favorite feature in lesser quality vapes!). The lid flips open for a deep filling area, with the surface around it conveniently sloped to spill any missed material right where it’s supposed to go. This top-notch vaporizer will have you exhaling crisp, clean clouds in under 16 seconds!