Dank Star Grinder

  • $31.24

The Empire Strikes back and this time no one can escape! Every planet will go up in smoke and every citizen will get blazed! The Dank Star grinder is a perfect gift for any Star Wars aficionado or awesomely geeky friend. Designed with the discerning herbal enthusiast in mind, the grinder is brushed metal with magnetic lids. It is heavy and durable for those times when you have to be on the go and will neither break nor scratch if you happen to drop it. The grinder features a full set of diamond-cut metal teeth for shredding your herbs. The metal screen positioned in the middle serves as a sifter for pollens and dry resins. Your pollen collection will accumulate at the bottom of the grinder in a deep dish, perfect for storage until a later date. When you’re ready to embrace the Force, this grinder will be ready… now if we could just find a lighter, because no one wants to be left on the dark side.

• Empires most terrifying weapon
• Diamond shaped teeth
• Mesh Screen
• Magnetic lids
• Deep storage compartment