Dan Rushin 5" Green/Blue Wig Wag Pipe

  • $69.99

This dynamic Dan Rushin spoon pipe packs a punch! Crafted from high grade borosilicate glass, the durable 5 inch design boasts the Ohio pipe-maker’s signature high art style. Thick, American glass gives this hand pipe incredible portability. No need to stress when passing your new sidekick to butterfinger friends! Expect endless compliments on the impressive wig wag design. Rich blue and green hues weave and wave through from the generously portioned, deep loading spoon to the mouthpiece. The envy-inducing heady glass pipe is perfect for passing and solo pleasure—whether you plan on carrying it from room to room or up into the mountains! The ultraportable pipe includes side carb construction to allow fresh outside air to cool every inhale. Pair it with the excellent, even cut of our RYOT grinder to experience your dry herb supply reach peak performance. Dan Rushin’s heady glass design will be your new go-to companion.