Crush Glass Gas Mask Glass Pipe

  • $69.99

Crush Glass launched American glass quality to top-notch back in the 90s, and these glassblowers have been legendary ever since! This revolutionary Gas Mask Hand Pipe is made in the USA with thick, borosilicate toughness. Large loads and unrivaled durability make this pipe the perfect companion for any apocalyptic scenario. Or, you know, for some powerful puffs before bedtime. Just don’t miss out on the “woah” reactions from passing this heavy glass pipe through the crew! Crisp black glass is enhanced with intricate gas mask details in a palm-sized silhouette. The portable pipe also features side carb construction so you can cleanse each inhale with some fresh air – capturing the essence of the post-apocalyptic tool. This envy-inducing Crush Glass pipe is ideal for end of the world hikes and zombie movie marathons (okay, Walking Dead – again). Stash a backup in your doomsday bunker prep kit, too. You just never know when Daryl Dixon will storm through and pocket your favorite pipe!