Classic Spoon Pipe

  • $24.99

A sophisticated silhouette with luxury-level enhancements worked seamlessly throughout make this Classic Spoon Pipe a Grav Labs specialty. Since their signature style launched into worldwide acclaim from Austin’s glass art community, these impeccable pipemakers have developed a niche style that ditches kitschy colors for unburdened elegance and a high-functioning smoke system your chem professor would be proud of. Careful, a piece like this is the gateway to a full-blown Grav Labs addiction, and this Classic design is just the first step toward an all-out collection. The piece features a four-inch length for perfect portability, thick and durable scientific glass construction, and a side carburetor for a smooth, mellow draw. Because it wouldn’t be a Grav Labs piece of glass without a subtle touch of luxury, the American artists and engineers have worked in a small indented cone at the mouthpiece to catch any unwanted ash before it can hit your lungs on a powerful inhale.

• Grav Labs Spoon
• Branded Glass
• Built-In Ashcatcher
• Choice Of Colored Glass
• Grav Labs Glass Hand Pipe
• Made In The USA!
• Thick And Durable
• Colored Glass
• Deep Bowl
• Thick Glass