Sesh Supply Charybdis Propellor Perc Klein-Style Recycler

  • $212.49

Perfectly fresh pulls in a manageable size? That’s right. No need for three feet of stacked percolation to get the full-flavor delivery of Smoke Sesh’s “Charybdis” recycler. Crafted from quality borosilicate glass, this powerhouse piece takes filtration to the next level with a signature propeller perc and the constant cleansing flow of recycler engineering. Personalize the pipe with your preferred color choice ranging from Acid Yellow trim to an eye-catching Purple Urple -- just two of the six color options. A colorful base, percolator, and mouthpiece further accent the sharp Klein-style silhouette and incomparable American craftsmanship of this noteworthy accessory. Additional features include a glass dry herb bowl, a fixed downstem, a sleek curved neck, a 14.5-millimeter female joint, and 10.5-inch total height. Now load ‘er on up and witness the powerful propellor perc whirl away toxins as you prepare for lift off! It’s instant satisfaction.

Made in USA Propeller percolator Recycling feature 14.5mm female joint Fixed downstem Herb bowl Curved neck Available in clear, yellow, blue, purple and green


Height: 10.5"