Chameleon Glass Wood Grain Cyclops Pipe

  • $84.99

Stare into the radiant eye of your new smoking companion. Chameleon Glass has masterfully crafted the intense gaze of a fully dynamic cyclops. Expect a “woah” reaction every time you pull this impressive pipe from your pocket -- it’s one envy inducing design. Each Chameleon Glass piece is designed and made in the USA, from the glass studios in Phoenix, Arizona. The American glass pipe is fitted with a removeable logo sticker to guarantee its authenticity. Though many try, none can match the intricacy and care of this incredible pipe. Free-flowing wood grain enhances the hynoptic eye in an aesthetic only Chameleon’s glass artists can truly deliver. A frosted glass finish gives the portable pipe a solid grip as you cool each inhale with the help of side carb constructions. The Wood Grain Cyclops Pipe will carry you from a walk around the pond through to nighttime festivities. The soul-searching stare of this cyclop pipe’s eye is sure to catch the crowd’s attention -- just make sure everyone BYODH!