Edit Bubble Bud Herbal Vaporizer With Quartz Bubbler

  • $99.99

The Bubble Bud Herbal Vape is a game-changer. You can see it’s seriously scientific just looking at it, and the vapor production of this cutting edge device won’t let you down. Not often seen at this value, EDIT Collection has presented vape enthusiasts with an oversized ceramic changer AND all-natural quartz glass bubbler. Let’s just say your dry herbs have never delivered quite such a sensation. The E-Leaf 510 thread battery fits flawlessly in the palm of your hand while offering an impressive 30 watts worth of powerful puffs. Paired with a loading chamber suited for up to one gram of ground material, you’re sure to get some “oohs” and “aahs” over your massive cloud production! And while hydrodynamics are so often left out of the vapor game, EDIT doesn’t hold back on bubbling filtration for next-level cool, mellow inhales. For your peace of mind, the device even comes with a free 90 day warranty.