Blue Granite Bubbled Hand Pipe

  • $24.99

Whether you’re looking for a great starter piece or looking to add something beautiful to your collection the blue granite bubble pipe from Dankstop is a great choice. This durable hand pipe is constructed of heavy, thick glass that is built to last. The pipe features a bright blue granite design with red, orange, and yellow accents spanning from the head all the way to the mouthpiece. The hand pipe comes with two glass swirls on the body and three bubbled tear drops on the head that not only add a stunning detail but also allow for a more sturdy grip. This gorgeous pipe comes equipped with a comfortable glass mouthpiece that features a concave design providing a smooth, steady airflow. If you enjoy smoking larger quantities or like sharing with friends, you will appreciate the large, deep bowl that this pipe has to offer. The bubble pipe has an intricate, aesthetic design and a durable, long-lasting construction, what more could you ask for?

• DankStop Spoon
• 5" In Length
• Blue Granite Colored Glass
• Bubbled Hand Pipe
• Deep Bowl
• Red, Orange, Yellow Colored Twist
• Colored Glass
• Deep Bowl
• Thick Glass