Bent Neck Double Honeycomb Perc Rig - Edit Collection

Edit Bent Neck Double Honeycomb Perc Rig - Collection

  • $112.49

The EDIT Collection continues to deliver with consistent high-quality cloudmakers! This must-have glass rig stands 14 inches tall making it perfect for personal pleasure and passing around with the crew. Clean and sturdy borosilicate glass maximizes this pipe’s power as smoke passes through not one but TWO rounds of honeycomb percolators. This double honeycomb design is notorious for magnificently thorough filtration before ascending through the conveniently arched mouthpiece. You’ll find yourself ogling the light-catching water pipe even when it’s not in use--it’s aesthetic is one fresh from the laboratory and it delivers with scientific precision, to boot! The 90° and 18.8mm male-female joint is reinforced with a two-pronged Dewar, while a wide flared base gives the piece superior overall stability. Your concentrates are sure to shine in EDIT’s top-notch construction. And stacking up to over a foot tall, you’re cloud size will certainly impress. Now, to send out the new-pipe invite or keep this treasure your own personal secret?