Grav Labs Beaker Tube Bong with Ice Catcher

  • $144.99

This classic Grav Labs design has become a collector’s staple. Crafted with the iconic quality of its Austin-based glassmakers, this pipe offers its users scientific precision without overcomplicating the matter. While it’s overall shape has a sleek minimalist aesthetic, you’ll be pleased to discover that it delivers uplifting clouds cleansed by the natural purification power of water. Grav Labs takes the pipe to a luxurious level with subtle enhancements throughout, such as its smoke-cooling ice catcher, comfortable flared mouthpiece, and a diffused downstem. Another reason proficient smokers prefer this design--aside from its ideal for everyday 12-inch stature--is its simple yet thorough maintenance. The downstem can be be removed from the base to soak individually and gives you the ability to get right down into the tough spots without worrying about breakage. While other pipes will inevitably gather unappealing build-up in tough crevices, you don’t need a degree in rocket science to keep this piece sparkling like the day it arrived at your doorstep!

Joint: 14mm female Height: 12 inches

• Grav Labs Bong
• 14mm Funnel Bowl Included
• Black Lipped Mouthpiece
• Colored Glass Accents On Lip And Base
• Grav Labs Beaker Tube Water Pipe
• Reinforced Joints
• Removable Diffused Downstem
• Scientific Clear Glass
• Thick Glass
• Beaker
• Clear Glass
• Colored Glass
• Ice Catcher
• 45° Joint
• Female Joint
• 14mm Joint
• Flared Mouthpiece
• Removable Downstem
• Thick Glass