Beaker Ice Bong with UFO Percolator - From the Edit Collection

Beaker Ice Bong with UFO Percolator - From the Collection

  • $68.59

Get super spacey with the help of a powerful UFO perc! You’ll find yourself a step ahead of the rest with this eye-candy EDIT Collection design enhanced by a frosted glass finish. Your favorite legal herbs will be transformed in an epic journey through a diffused downstem, the maximized water filteration of a beaker base, further hydrodynamic diffusion in the impressive UFO percolator, and, finally, a exhilarating chill will soothe your inhales as your active ingredients ascend through the ice catcher. The UFO perc has recently been hurled into popularity for its extra efficient diffusion -- this means you’re smoke will be extraordinarily mellow without the need to encumber your water pipe with added percs. In other words, it takes up less space and is far easier to clean without sacrificing an ounce of smoke quality. Prepare to impress both you and the crew with clouds so huge you could fill up a room!