Banana Hand Pipe

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Perfect for that special person who drives you totally bananas--especially if that person is you! Whether it’s your way of supporting your pal’s vegan enthusiasm, a personal reminder to get more potassium, or you just like to keep in mind we’re all a bunch of monkeys trying to make it in this world; enjoy getting elevated via 4.5-inch fruit. The American-based glass enthusiasts at Chameleon have a true passion for their renewable medium, and pride themselves on vibrant nontraditional designs paired with dishwasher-safe durability. The removable sticker decal marks the brand’s commitment to quality and the authenticity of each unique design. Sticker on or sticker off, dynamic yellow and green hues make the piece pop in any collection, and impresses a vivacious air while on the go! We’re quite simply bananas about this portable pipe, made with thick durable glass that’s as up for an adventure as you are.

• Chameleon Glass Spoon
• 4.5" Length
• American Glass
• Banana Theme
• Chameleon Glass Tobacco Bowl
• Deep Bowl
• Glass Hand Pipe
• Thick Glass
• Yellow Pipe
• American Glass
• Themed Glass