Atmos Vicod 5G Vaporizer - 2nd Generation

  • $139.99

The Vicod 5G Second Generation is stepping it up with dual function! Whether exploring the great outdoors or sighing as you slink under the covers, this dynamic device will set you free from the nearest wall outlet with dense full-flavor vapor. Digitally control the temperature with OLED heating to master just how far you can stretch a load in the top-notch ceramic convection chamber--a rare feature at this price point! Temperature control also helps you avoid combustion, which is what prevents the nasty byproducts of old-school smoking methods as it reaches too-high temperatures. Instead, let your all-natural herbs go to work in a clean, cool vapor. Confident in their world-ready design, Atmos RX has stamped their “Vicod” model with a free 5-Year Warranty so you can discover discrete, clean aromas at no risk. It only takes sixty seconds or less to get the milky, thick clouds only dry herbs can deliver paired a full-day battery life that’s ready for adventure!