AMG Glass LV Theme Hand Pipe

  • $59.99

Whether you’re living the life of luxury or channeling the law of attraction—this top-notch LV Hand Pipe will have you shining like a diamond. So toss ‘er in your monogrammed Louis Vuitton Neverfull and take this portable statement pipe on your next grandiose adventure. Expect plenty of envy to float through the crew at the sight of your new LV addition. AMG proudly crafts each of their epic designs right here in America for top-notch quality. The thick, durable glass is sandblasted to create that impressive monogrammed finish with an herbal edge. This pipe may be affordable, but it’s most definitely not some cheap Louis Vuitton wannabe! AMG is ALL about quality glass that delivers a powerful puff. Personalize your pipe with a choice between seven eye-catching colors: teal, pink, blue, green, frosty white, black, and purple! Check out our LV Beaker and Straight Tube Bongs around the shop for a full range collection to match your handbag lineup.