18" Black Leopard Pattern Water Pipe - Default

AMG Glass 18" Black Leopard Pattern Water Pipe

  • $159.99

Get wild with this enviable leopard print water pipe! Made in the USA, this AMG Glass bong is crafted from heavy high-grade borosilicate for long-lasting quality with even your most savage of friends. The leopard is known as “defender of wildlife,” and we’d argue that’s this piece’s job, too! Let loose with 18 inches of unharnessed power, tamed only by a diffused downstem for harsh-less inhales. Cool it down a notch by loading the pinched ice-catcher that adds an ounce of civility to this pink and black pipe. The pipe is fitted with a removeable 18-to-14 millimeter female lo-pro downstem that measures 6 inches in length from the 45-degree joint. The straight tube silhouette offers a direct hit enhanced by the visual pleasure of a drool-worthy design. You’ll be Instagram-ready at a moment’s notice with this pipe in your palm! Now, to invite the crew save it all for you?