AirVape AirVape Xs Vaporizer - Special Edition

  • $299.99

Looking to deluxe it up? ‘Cause AirVape USA just took their crowd-favorite AirVape Xs. This Special Edition is only available for a limited time, packing a cool new look and members-only VIP Access (including 3 free repairs plus a lifetime warranty!). At less than half an inch thick, your favorite dry herbs are gently heated to premium vapor temperature in a clean ceramic heating chamber. An isolated glass EZ AirPath keeps your inhales pure and powerful with a unique dual-filter, triple-airflow design. A brilliant LED display tracks battery, temps, and time until automatic shutoff, while a subtle vibration lets you know when it’s time to give it a rip! The Special Edition includes a sharp black and gold steel shell, a credit-card-sized power bank (2500 mAh), USB charging dock and wall mount, extra pieces and parts, plus a VIP card. The VIP ID will get you up to 20% discounts at AirVape’s partner herb and vape sites, too! You’ll be slipping this discrete device into your backpack, purse – even the pockets of your skinny jeans! The AirVape Xs SE is up for anything.