8" Swirled Colored Glass Bubbler Pipe

  • $39.99

Hypnotic spirals will send you up and away in this enviable 8-inch bubbler. Inspired by the sleek contours of the Sherlock style, this sturdy glass pipe catches the eye with its elegant silhouette and swirls of color. The display-worthy water pipe stands on its own with a flattened base at the water reservoir -- a small bubbling chamber designed to whirl away toxins and cool your inhales for a smooth, mellow draw. Crafted with DankStop’s signature American-made artistry, this is no dinky glass piece, but a piece you’ll keep in your collection for years to come. Technical features include a curved neck, a deep-loading bowl, and a fixed glass downstem. A versatile size, the cleansing water filtration and perfectly suited bowl depth makes this piece ideal for both personal everyday use and showing off with the crew! Give it a whirl to send you and your friends spiraling up toward the stratosphere!

Height: 8 inches

• DankStop Bubbler
• 8" Height
• Bent Neck
• Deep Bowl
• Fixed Downstem
• Glass Bubbler
• Sherlock Style Design
• Swirled Colored Glass Design
• Colored Glass
• Thick Glass