1905 Magnetic 2pc All Wood Herb Grinder

  • $19.99
  • Save $21

This enviable 1905 Ryot grinder is here to save you time and money with style. Crafted from 100% natural cured and aged Rosewood, this eye-catching design will make your favorite dry herb and smoke (or vapor) devices last for what feels like forever! The unique finish gives the piece a sophisticated quality, while the Rosewood itself was chosen for its incredible strength and durability. Ryot likes to make products they can enjoy themselves, so they’ve even included a not-oft-seen silhouette for a good grip and a type of wood that won’t warp or break with use. No need to carry around harsh metal contraptions, the all-natural route just feels right for (legal) herbal material. You’ll quickly discover that material won’t be wasted clogging up pipes when you switch to using a grinder. Spend more time savoring all that extra material rather than spending your time breaking it up by hand!