Grav Labs 16" Beaker Bong

  • $174.99

The artists and engineers at Grav Labs launched their landmark designs out of Austin’s glass-blowing community back in 2004, where they’ve been taking the glass industry to new heights ever since. This impeccable 16-inch beaker bong is crafted from solid, scientific glass for a sleek and polished look backed by powerful smoke delivery. The beaker-wide bed of water maximizes water filtration for a cool, smooth draw into the chamber so tall it may take newbies a couple pulls to clear! Prepare to get seriously lifted with this not-so-little lady. Grav Labs always takes their pipes to the next level with a series of luxurious finishing touches such as a reinforced female joint, a flared mouthpiece for comfortable draws, a removable downstem for thorough cleaning, and an ice catcher for exhilarating inhales. The downstem itself is even diffused for an additional round of smoke-smoothing. Polished and powerful, this is the kind of glasswork you’ll want to display for its impressive engineering. We recommend making your sandwich before giving it a whirl.

Joint: 14mm female Height: 16 inches

• Grav Labs Bong
• 14mm Funnel Bowl Included
• Black Lipped Mouthpiece
• Colored Glass Accents On Lip And Base
• Grav Labs Beaker Tube Water Pipe
• Reinforced Joints
• Scientific Clear Glass
• Beaker
• Clear Glass
• Colored Glass
• Ice Catcher
• 45° Joint
• Female Joint
• 14mm Joint
• Flared Mouthpiece
• Removable Downstem
• Thick Glass